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Frequently Asked Questions

Flat rate charge of $45.00 for deliveries up to 40 miles from our location.

Orders more than 40 miles from our location will be subject to a higher delivery fee.

More information here.

Late fees will be assessed if a client fails to return the items by the designated return date and time. The late fee is $15/hour. Clients are given an hour of grace to return items before the fees start to accrue. The fees will continue to accrue until the daily rate for the order has been paid or until 4 hours have passed, which ever happens first. 

All discounts applied prior will be invalidated. Any late fees incurred must be paid when the items are returned.

In the event an order is returned incomplete, a late fee would only apply to the outstanding items until they are returned.

In the event, a rental is left outstanding for more than 2 weeks, the items will be considered lost and the order will be closed out. At that point, the client will be expected to pay the sum of late fees, replacement costs, and other penalties if any. If for any reason the company is unable to settle this balance with the client via the credit card on file or other means, the total debt will be sent to a collection agency. Some conditions and missing items may warrant opening a small claims case against the client.

At the discretion of the company, clients may be given a grace period to locate the missing items before being charged late fees and/or replacement costs.

Thrifty Rents handles the cleaning for reasonable wear on the costumes. Clients that return items with excessive stains, discolorations, odors, or any other conditions deemed unreasonable by the company, will be subject to cleaning costs and potentially replacement costs.

All reservations require a credit card authorization form to be kept on file to cover possible overages. The company agrees that any billing information obtained from the client will only be used for the purposes of this specific reservation.

Thrifty Rents will not waive this process under any circumstances.

All costumes should be steamed to remove wrinkles. DO NOT IRON!

Costumes can be pre-steamed in advance for an additional $45.00.

Cancellations must be made more than 24 hours before the rental to be considered for a refund. Clients that do not cancel at least 24 hours prior to their reservation date will not be granted a refund.

Clients that book and cancel within the same day will not receive a refund.

For mailed orders, there is a 5-day minimum charge which includes round-trip shipping costs and allows the client to use the costume for up to 7 days from the arrival date. Requests made less than 5 business days in advance may incur expedited shipping fees.

Costumes may not be altered to fit and must be returned in their original condition. If a costume is returned altered or damaged, fees will be charged. Costumes may NOT be cut, dyed, painted or altered without written permission from Thrifty Rents. Tape, iron-on bonding-web, glue or any other type of adhesives may NOT be used on costumes.

Normal wear on costumes won’t incur extra charges.

Damage charges will be assessed for broken zippers, detached garment pieces, make-up or other permanent stains or any other damage that renders the costume not rentable or in need of repair. Fees will include cost and labor.

Major damage to costumes, including irreparable tears, or irreversible marks will be assessed at the full replacement value of the piece.

Effortless Costume Rentals

At Thrifty Rents, we offer quick and easy costume rentals for any budget. Whether you’re working on a thesis project, indie film, or music video, we understand the importance of time and resources. Our affordable rentals and streamlined process make it effortless to reserve costumes. Simply inquire, reserve, and pick up.

Reservations can be made online with our easy booking form and mobile payment options. Focus on what matters most, and let us handle the costumes. No hassle, just effortless costume rentals!

Mobile Booking Process

No Insurance Required

Delivery + Pick Up Available

Thrifty Rents
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