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Terms And Conditions

Please read the agreement outlined below prior to finalizing your reservation to understand Thrifty Rents’ rental policies. Upon processing full payment, the client accepts the terms and conditions described herein. Further, amendments not specified in this document are not binding agreements between the client and Thrifty Rents unless approved by both parties in additional contracts or correspondences.

The client agrees to a temporary rental arrangement with Thrifty Rents for the items described and outlined in the invoice associated with the deal. Items not listed in the invoice will not be provided nor owed to the client unless arranged in the manner described above. Under no circumstances will Thrifty Rents forfeit ownership of the costumes, props, production supplies or other items otherwise provided for rental use regardless of the reservation length, outstanding fees, needs of the client et cetera. Moreover, Thrifty Rents reserves the right to terminate any arrangement and collect all rental items owned by the company in the event that the client has operated outside of the policies in this contract.

VALID ID FOR ALL ORDERS Due to the nature of our uniform costumes and combined value of the wardrobe pieces and props provided, we require clients to provide a valid form of identification. The information obtained will not be disclosed for any reason other than reporting lost items and ensuring public safety. Thrifty Rents will not process any booking request, or order reservation without a valid form of identification being provided.

PAYMENTS Orders and reservations are only considered valid after full payment has been received from the client. Once the order has been received, we will send out an electronic invoice itemized with the costumes, props etc and their associated rate. Clients can process payment online or mobile via debit card or credit card. Cash is accepted as an alternative and must be paid in full before the items are released. We do not accept checks.

CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATIONS All reservations require a credit card authorization form to be kept on file to cover possible overages. The company agrees that any billing information obtained from the client will only be used for the purposes of this specific reservation.

Thrifty Rents will not waive this process under any circumstances.

RESERVATION EXTENSIONS Extensions to a booking in progress may require new paperwork and are at the discretion of the company and can be denied as needed. If approved the additional charges must be paid in full immediately.

LATE FEES Late fees will be assessed if a client fails to return the items by the designated return date and time. The late fee is $15/hour. Clients are given an hour of grace to return items before the fees start to accrue. The fees will continue to accrue until the daily rate for the order has been paid or until 4 hours have passed, which ever happens first.

All discounts applied prior will be invalidated. Any late fees incurred must be paid when the items are returned.

In the event an order is returned incomplete, a late fee would only apply to the outstanding items until they are returned.

In the event, a rental is left outstanding for more than 2 weeks, the items will be considered lost and the order will be closed out. At that point, the client will be expected to pay the sum of late fees, replacement costs, and other penalties if any. If for any reason the company is unable to settle this balance with the client via the credit card on file or other means, the total debt will be sent to a collection agency. Some conditions and missing items may warrant opening a small claims case against the client.

At the discretion of the company, clients may be given a grace period to locate the missing items before being charged late fees and/or replacement costs.

DAMAGED OR LOST COSTUME FEES Damage beyond normal wear and tear will incur charges. Damage charges will be assessed for broken zippers, detached garment pieces, permanent stains and any other alteration that renders the costume unusable. The damage fee will include the cost of the supplies and labor for repairs. Major damage to costumes, including irreparable tears, or irreversible marks will be assessed at the actual replacement value of the costume. Similar fees would apply for a lost costume.

  • LOST HANGERS – $1.00/ea

 COLLECTIONS & SMALL CLAIMS Clients will be expected to pay any fee associated with their order in full at the time of return or an otherwise agreed upon settlement date. If for any reason the company is unable to settle this balance with the client via the credit card on file or other means, the total debt will be sent to a collection agency. Some conditions and missing items may warrant opening a small claims case against the client.

Any amounts paid for the reservation will not apply or be credited towards incurred penalties.

CANCELLATIONS Cancellations and rescheduling must be done no less than 24 hours before the rental to be considered for a refund. Clients that do not cancel at least 24 hours prior to their reservation date will not be receive any money back. Rescheduling a reservation is at the discretion of Thrifty Rents.

LAW ENFORCEMENT COSTUMES & PROPS All items including but not limited to police gear, weaponry, props, uniforms, and other regalia that could be perceived as real to a bystander must have limited access from crew members. When items are not in use, store them away in a secure place. In the event any of these items are lost or simply not returned, a police report will be filed with the proper police agency and further action may be taken.

PROP GUNS & WEAPONS Use of prop guns and other weapons on set is restricted to the designated weapons handler and the actor using the props. When weapons are in use safety meetings and crew awareness are encouraged.

CLEANING Costumes should be returned within a reasonable state of cleanliness. Use of fake blood, washable paints, and other gags must be discussed in advance. If done without approval clients will face a $30 specialty cleaning fee or full replacement cost.

ALTERATIONS Permanent alterations to the costumes are prohibited without prior consent. If a costume is not returned in its original the client assumes full cost of repairs and replacement if necessary.

STEAMING Client is expected to take precaution when steaming the costumes. Costumes that have been mishandled will be considered damaged beyond repair the full replacement cost of the item will apply.

DISCLAIMER Thrifty Rents and its staff are not responsible for: accidents, injuries, or any other consequence, litigation, or incidence resulting from the improper use directly or indirectly from the rented item.

By completing our invoice you agree to uphold this document and its clauses outlined above. Clients are expected to abide by these terms and settle any fees or incurred costs associated with the reservation within 1-5 business days of notification.

Thrifty Rents
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