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Delivery & Pick Up

Free costume delivery and pick up available for orders over $200.

This service is limited to reservations in Los Angeles, CA and are subject to approval if not reserved more than 48 hours in advance. Clients that qualify for free delivery but requests a drop off outside of Los Angeles will be granted a discount on their total delivery cost.

For reservations under $200, clients can pick up at our Echo Park location or pay $30.00 for delivery and pick up.

Deliveries made outside of Los Angeles are subject to additional costs. Delivery requests must be made no later than 48 hours prior to your reservation.

No Insurance Required

We don’t require insurance coverage for rentals. Our agreement outlines our procedure for settling up damages. Save a step in your rental process.

Online CC Authorization

All reservations will require either a credit card to be kept on file or a security deposit provided to cover possible overages. Clients will have the option to choose one during the booking process.

Free Delivery

Free delivery for orders that qualify. Paid delivery and pick up options are available. Same day deliveries subject to approval. More info here.

Simple Costume Rentals

Thrifty Rents provides a quick and simple costume rentals to all of our clients no matter the budget. We know that whether you’re producing a thesis project, independent film, or music video that time and resources are often crucial to the project. Our affordable costume rentals and simple process make it easy for anyone to reserve. All you have to do is inquire, reserve, and pickup nothing else. Reservations can be made online using our booking form and mobile payment options. This simple method gives you more time to focus on the details that matter and make your next production a hit! No hassle, just a simple costume rental!

Thrifty Rents
Fittings By Appointment Only
985 Marview Ave Los Angeles, CA 90012

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