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20 Free Monologues For Actors

20 Free Monologues For Actors &
Monologue Examples For A Reel

Finding the right monologue to showcase your talents can be tough. When putting together a reel or portfolio, most casting directors and managers suggest using original or adapted works rather than well-known scenes. This prevents needless comparisons to the original actor or work your performing. Our collection of free monologues below can be used as is, or adapted to fit your style.

Interrogation Room

Code, What Code?

Do The Right Thing

Don't Get To Loud Talking

I Think You Might Be Innocent

It's Over

Just Say Something

Ok Wise Guy

We Can Sit Here All Week

You Want To Take That Chance

You're Not Special

Hospital Patient Room

For My Daughter

I Ain't Dead Yet

I Ain't Telling You Shit

I Can't Let Him Down

I Just Want To Play Again

I Must've Fell Pretty Hard

Self Pep Talk

This Wasn't Supposed To Happen

You Don't Even Really Know Me

You Should Have Left Me

Other Monologue Examples

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