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Top Acting Coach In Los Angeles

Getting started in Hollywood can be tough, especially when you don't have proper training, representation, or coaching. An acting coach is key to boosting your on-screen performance and can even help connect you with others in the industry. These affordable options will have you ready for auditions in no time!

(310) 274-1085 – 

Rate: $275/hr

Use contact form to get started

Camille Rate: $100/hr
Associate Rate: $85/hr

(818)386-9099 –

Rate: $150/hr

(323) 965-1488 –

Rate: $350/hr

(818) 793-8767 – 

Richard Lawson Rate: $400
Associate Rate: $100

(323) 954-1200 – Contact Form

Rate: $110/hr

(323) 969-9900 –

Lesly Kahn Rate: $250/hr
Associate Rate: $180/hr

(213) 716-5521 –

Rate: $150/hr

(310) 392-0815 

Michelle Danner Rate: $400/hr
Associate Rate: $150/hr

(323) 871-1376 –

Rate: $125/hr

Rate: $200/hr ($250/hr nights + weekends)

(323) 620-6951 –

Rate: $175/hr

(818) 505-1225 Contact Form

Shari Shaw Rate: $150/hr ($175/hr on weekends)
Associate Rate: $135/hr

(323) 435-9955 –

Scott Sedita Rate: $175/hr
Associate Rate: $130/hr

(323) 459-7669 –

Rate: $100/hr

(310) 433-3479 –

Rate: $225/hr 

(925) 487-2375 –
Geoffrey Kennedy Rate: $130/hr
Associate Rate: $100/hr

(323) 666-3382 –

Rate: $135/hr
Diane Christiansen Rate: $175/hr
Associate Rate: $150/hr
(818) 616-3633 –
Tasha Smith Rate: $200/hr
Associate Rate: $150/hr

(310) 985-0465 –

Rate: $100/hr ( minimum 2hr session)

Rate: $300/hr
Free deliveries On Orders In Los Angeles Over $100
FBI Jacket Costume For Film

Thrifty Rents offers a variety of costumes that are quick to reserve and affordable on all budgets. We service Los Angeles and surrounding areas with delivery and pick up options available. Our signature pieces like police costumes and EMT costumes are ready to go at a moments notice. 

Don’t see it in our inventory? Give us a call and we can help!

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