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Top Production Supplies In Los Angeles

There are many different options for production supplies in Los Angeles. Its important to know them all cause you never know when you might find yourself 5 tables short, or simply need to shop around for the best price! We put together a list of the most reliable production rentals in Los Angeles.

Production rentals like tables, chairs, and walkie talkies are key to running a smooth show. Not only do these items provide ease of communication, they should also make workflow simpler and more organized. When renting production supplies it’s best to get more than you think you’ll need. You’ll find everything usually gets used!


(323) 851-5030 –

Walk And Talk Rentals

(818) 893-0269

Line 204

(818) 869-7500 –

Set Life Rentals

(213) 359-1000

Westside Production Rentals

Hot Bricks

(818) 528-5515 –


(818) 956-1444 – Contact Form

Castex Rentals

(323) 462-1468 –

Costume Rentals Starting At $30 A Day

FBI Jacket Costume For Film

Thrifty Rents offers a variety of costumes that are quick to reserve and affordable on all budgets. We service Los Angeles and surrounding areas with delivery and pick up options available. Our signature pieces like police costumes and EMT costumes are ready to go at a moments notice.

Don’t see it in our inventory? Give us a call and we can help!

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