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Top Production Companies In Los Angeles

12 Great Production Companies In Los Angeles

Wether you're looking for a small media team, full service agency, or boutique firm, you'll have no issue finding ad agencies and media companies in Los Angeles. Each company may vary on the content or bids they entertain so it's best to do some diligent research. This list is by no means exhaustive, just a quick roundup for advertisers, agents, and producers to get started in the search!

Something Massive

(310) 302-8900 –

Team Mayday

(310) 904-2471 –

Merit Andrew

(949) 752-8500 –


(818) 577-6561 –


(323) 206-5011 –

AZ Film Studios

(310) 779-9603 –

Feed The Wolf

(630) 687-0800 –

Vision Sound Films

(714) 280-8201 –

Genius Insane

(216) 337-2301 –

Make It Happen Productions

(818) 981-2327 – 

Mindworth Productions

(818) 738-6131 –

Other Resources

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