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Police Uniforms For Film

Starting at $45 a day

Based in Los Angeles - Shipping Nationwide

Police Costume Rentals

Corrections Officer Costume

Corrections Officer Costume Rentals

Police Detective Costume

Police Detective Costume Rentals

FBI Jacket Costume Rentals

Thrifty Rents offers a wide range of police uniforms for film. Our inventory includes the perfect police costume for your next crime drama. Whether it’s a buddy cop film or a high-stakes investigation, our signature midnight navy costumes will add value and authenticity to your production. Enhance your scenes with our sheriff costumes and FBI jackets, ideal for taking down the perp.

For those needing a location in the Los Angeles area, visit They offer police station sets, hospital sets, and more!

Effortless Costume Rentals

At Thrifty Rents, we offer quick and easy costume rentals for any budget. Whether you’re working on a thesis project, indie film, or music video, we understand the importance of time and resources. Our affordable rentals and streamlined process make it effortless to reserve costumes. Simply inquire, reserve, and pick up.

Reservations can be made online with our easy booking form and mobile payment options. Focus on what matters most, and let us handle the costumes. No hassle, just effortless costume rentals!

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