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Production Resources Costume Rentals In Los Angeles

About Us

Thrifty Rents began in 2017 as a passion project born from Marq Robinson’s experience as a location manager, where he saw firsthand the need for convenient and affordable costume solutions alongside set rentals. Starting with a small investment in prisoner costumes, Thrifty Rents quickly evolved from a side hustle to a thriving business servicing productions of all sizes in Los Angeles. Gaining significant market share in a niche market posed initial challenges. However, the turning point came with the development of our website and the introduction of signature police costume packages, which enhanced our visibility and service offerings.

To meet growing demand, we expanded beyond law enforcement costumes to include a variety of medical and specialty outfits. This expansion was not only motivated by market needs but also by the desire to complement the existing set rentals commonly found in production environments. Our clients consistently praise Thrifty Rents for its efficiency in booking and its ability to rescue productions from last-minute wardrobe crises without sacrificing quality or budget. Our commitment to affordable pricing sets us apart, ensuring that every production, regardless of size, can access the perfect costumes without breaking the bank.

Looking ahead, Thrifty Rents aims to broaden its services to include picture cars and expand its costume inventory to encompass a wider range of looks, from firefighters to Santa Claus and beyond. This vision reflects our ongoing commitment to supporting creative projects with the diverse resources they need to thrive.

Our mission is to provide high-quality, authentic costumes and props to bring your creative vision to life. Whether you’re in need of police uniforms for film, sheriff and FBI attire, or specialty costumes like medical and priest outfits, we are committed to offering an extensive and diverse inventory to meet your needs.

We proudly serve the Los Angeles, CA area and surrounding regions, ensuring a seamless rental experience with convenient delivery and pick-up options. Our goal is to support your projects with the perfect wardrobe and props, enhancing your storytelling and production value.

Effortless Costume Rentals

At Thrifty Rents, we offer quick and easy costume rentals for any budget. Whether you’re working on a thesis project, indie film, or music video, we understand the importance of time and resources. Our affordable rentals and streamlined process make it effortless to reserve costumes. Simply inquire, reserve, and pick up.

Reservations can be made online with our easy booking form and mobile payment options. Focus on what matters most, and let us handle the costumes. No hassle, just effortless costume rentals!

Mobile Booking Process

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Thrifty Rents
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