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Top Costume Shops in Los Angeles

Our list of the top costume shops in LA tracks the best costumer shops in the industry. Each suggestion offers great value and diverse inventory.
Production Resources & Costume Rentals In Los Angeles

See our list of Los Angeles’ top costume shops for daily and weekly rentals. Each company offers value and other features that will work for your needs. The best do it without breaking your budget! When searching for the best rate consider the following.

  1. Do you need full or partial costume? – Save money by renting only the necessities.
  2. How long do you need the costume? – Cut costs with daily or 3 day rentals.
  3. How many costumes do you need? – Reduce prices by reducing on screen actors.
  4. Are props and accessories included in price? – Rent from places that include props with the pricing.


Thrifty Rents


Law Enforcement Costumes
Medical Costumes
Free Delivery

Cop Prop Shop


Law Enforcement Costumes
Western Costume Rentals

(818) 760-0900

Diverse Costume Inventory
Weekly Rentals
American Costume Corporation

(818) 764-2239

Vintage Costumes
Motion Picture Costume Co

(818) 557-1247

Vintage Costumes

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