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How To Rent Costumes

Wether you're filming a feature or doing a theater production, it is likely that you'll need special elements to differentiate characters and locations. In some cases, uniforms, period-piece clothing, or even normal civilian wear will have to be sourced from rental houses or private costumers. This guide will show you how to rent costumes for your next project!
Costume Rentals In Los Angeles

Costume Shops – Professional costume suppliers

  • Step 1: Research costume rental companies in your area.
  • Step 2: Search the website or call ahead to verify the inventory.
  • Step 3: Visit costume shop to reference the items in person
  • Step 4: Set up an account (if applicable)
    • Provide contact information
    • Provide Credit card authorization
    • Sign additional contracts and agreements
  • Step 5: Establish reservation date and confirm the rental

ShareGrid -Rental platform for filmmakers

  • Use the search feature to check availability
  • Create a profile
  • Request reservation
  • Process payment
  • Establish pick up / drop off location

Costumers – Professionals working in the industry with personal kits

Daily Costume Rentals $20 A Day!

Thrifty Rents has police uniforms for film and other costumes for rent. Our inventory includes the perfect police costume and other law enforcement costumes like sheriff and FBI.  We also offer medical costumespriest costumes and more! In addition to the costumes we also provide a selection of prop rentals to compliment the wardrobe pieces. Our company services Los Angeles, CA and surrounding areas with delivery and pick up options.

If you are interested in an out of state rental please use the out of state booking form here.

Costume Rental Shop For Film

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