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Black Owned Film Production

Black Owned Film Production Resources In Los Angeles

We have put together a running list of black owned film production resources in Los Angeles to help uplift the community and encourage more diversity in the film industry.

Production Companies



DP's & Videographers


Film Locations


Caterers & Crafty


Streaming Services

Other Services – Location Protection
Clearances640 – Rights/Clearances & Production Attorney – V Flats, Seamless, Apple Boxes & More

Actor Resources

Press & Media

Career Opportunities & National Databases

Youth Programs

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Costume Rentals Starting At $30 A Day

FBI Jacket Costume For Film

Thrifty Rents offers a variety of costumes that are quick to reserve and affordable on all budgets. We service Los Angeles and surrounding areas with delivery and pick up options available. Our signature pieces like police costumes and EMT costumes are ready to go at a moments notice. 

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