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Quick & Affordable Costume Rentals
Police Uniforms For Film
Prisoner Costumes Rentals In Los Angeles
Doctor Costume Rental In Los Angeles

Affordable Costume Rentals

Best Value In Los Angeles !

Our large inventory includes sheriff costumes prisoner costumes doctor costumes and strait jacket costumes judge costumes more. Each look provided has authentic pieces sourced specifically for film and television. Bring value to your next production with our simple and affordable costume rentals. Take a look at our full inventory below.

Police Uniform Costume Rentals In Los Angeles

Police Costume Rentals

$35 / Day

Costume Includes:
Authentic Tactical Shirt – Authentic Tactical Pants – Chevron Rank Shoulder Patches – Duty Belt – Handcuff Holder – Gun Holster – Pepper Spray Holster

Prisoner Costumes Rentals In Los Angeles

Prisoner Costume Rentals

$20 / Day

Costume Includes:
One breast pocket – Raglan short sleeves – Solid brass, nickel-plated snaps Hemmed sleeves and bottoms – True expansion waistband

Police Jacket Rentals

Police Jacket Costume Rentals

$20 / Day

Costume Includes:
NYPD Emblazoned Shoulder Patches – Dual Front Breast Pockets – Midnight Navy Design – Lightweight

Police Detective Costume Rentals In Los Angeles

Police Detectives Rentals

$20 / Day

Costume Includes:
Single Left Shoulder Mount Holster- All Leather Build – Authentic US Military Design – Belts Straps Available – Fits Standard Size Handgun

Nurse Costumes Rental In Los Angeles

Nurse Costume Rentals

$20 / Day

Costume Includes:
Dickies Brand Scrubs – V-neck Shirt – Drawstring Waistband Pants – Ceil Blue – *Lab Coat Optional*

Hospital Costume Rental

Doctor Costume Rentals

$35 / Day

Costume Includes:
Authentic White Lab Coat – Dickies Brand Medical Scrubs – V-Neck Shirt  Drawstring Waistband Pants – Ceil Blue

Hospital Costume Rentals

Hospital Patient Costume Rentals

$10 / Day

Costume Includes:
Double Drawstring For Neck And Torso – Open Back Design One Size Fits All – Lightweight Cotton Blend

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Simple Costume Rentals

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Thrifty Rents provides a quick and simple costume rentals to all of our clients no matter the budget. We know that whether you’re producing a thesis project, independent film, or music video that time and resources are often crucial to the project. Our affordable costume rentals and simple process make it easy for anyone to reserve. All you have to do is inquire, reserve, and pickup nothing else. Reservations can be made online using our booking form and mobile payment options. This simple method gives you more time to focus on the details that matter and make your next production a hit! No hassle, just a simple costume rental!

Free Delivery!

Free costume delivery available for orders over $100 within Los Angeles, CA. Pickups available by requests and must made no less than 48 hours prior to the last reservation date to guarantee availability. More info here.

No Security Deposit!

No money down on our costume rentals! See our Terms And Conditions for details regarding overages policy, cleaning costs, and more. We trust our clients, skip the hassle of providing a deposit

No Insurance Required!

We don’t require insurance for our rentals, by paying with our online invoice you are agreeing to our Terms And Conditions. Save a step in your costume rental process and spend more time on the details that matter.

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